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In compliance with Decree-Law no. 24/2014 of February 14, the current document establishes the conditions that shall be respected during the use of the site, and in the process of purchase of the products available to its users.
Indeed, we invite you to carefully read the terms of use and privacy policy prior to the use of the website as with its use or by placing an order, the client is allowing his/her binding to the above mentioned conditions.
For this reason, if the user does not agree with all the conditions and privacy policy, he/she shall not use the webpage

In the future, these conditions may be subject to change. Therefore, it is of the user’s responsibility to read it from time to time as the conditions to be applied are those in effect at the moment of the use of the website or of the execution of the contract (as defined hereafter).
These conditions are agreed between the company Aldatexteis, Lda. with its main office in Rua Ângelo Frondoni, no. 388 –  4830-520 Póvoa de Lanhoso, Portugal, share capital of € 100.000,00, registered in the CRO of Póvoa de Lanhoso, with VAT no. PT501 881 549, and any User who wishes to purchase on the webpage

1.     Users may place an order online on the webpage,
2.     To place an order, the user shall fill in all the required fields and provide his/her personal details.
3.     By placing an order, the user is fully agreeing with the general conditions of sale, prices and description of the products included in the transaction.
4.     All orders are subject to the acceptance of ALDATEXTEIS, LDA, of which the user will be informed by email.

1.     All orders are subject to the availability of the products.
2.     The unavailability of ordered products that are out of stock or that are subject to any other supply impossibility will be informed by ALDATEXTEIS, LDA.
3.     In the case defined in the previous number ALDATEXTEIS, LDA, will refund the user for the amounts that were already paid, in compliance with article 19 of the above referred diploma.
4.     ALDATEXTEIS, LDA reserves the right to remove any product from the page at any moment and eliminate or change any material or content of it.
5.     ALDATEXTEIS, LDA is not responsible, before the user or a third party, for removing any product of the page and for the product unavailability under the terms of number 1 and 3 of this clause.

ALDATEXTEIS, LDA is not responsible for the refusal of the completion of the order due to exceptional circumstances, even after confirmation, being only obliged to inform the user/client of the impossibility to complete the order and to reimburse the amounts that were paid.

1.     Without prejudice of the established in article 2 concerning product availability, the order will be shipped within 10 work days after the payment confirmation.
2.     Compliance with the deadline referred in the previous number may be freely changed by ALDATEXTEIS, LDA, namely in exceptional and/or unforeseen circumstances and depending on the area of the delivery.
3.     ALDATEXTEIS, LDA will only ship the order after the payment of the entire value of the ordered products and respective shipping costs.

1.       The user/client will bear the costs of the delivery of the orders to his/her place of residence according to the ordered product(s) and the following areas:
a)       Delivery of products to mainland Portugal with a value equal to or less than € 149,00 (one hundred and forty nine euros) – additional cost of € 3,99 (three euros and ninety nine cents);
b)       Delivery of products to mainland Portugal with a value higher than € 149,00 (one hundred and forty nine euros) – no additional cost;
c)       Delivery to Azores or Madeira Archipelagos, regardless of the products value – additional cost of € 9,99 (nine euros and ninety nine cents);
d)       Delivery of products to countries of the European Union with a value equal to or less than €299,00 (two hundred and ninety nine euros) – additional cost of € 9,90 (nine euros and ninety cents);
e)       Delivery of products to countries of the European Union with a value higher than €299,00 (two hundred and ninety nine euros) – no additional costs.
3.       Costs identified in number 2 of the this clause may be changed by ALDATEXTEIS, LDA

1.     Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday and the user must provide the address where he/she wishes to receive the order.
2.     When it is impossible for the user to be in the place of the order delivery, he/she must provide an alternative address or contact ALDATEXTEIS, LDA
3.     If the delivery is not made after two attempts, the contract will be terminated with no right of refund of the amounts paid concerning prices and shipping costs.

1.     In compliance with the standards and regulations in effect, prices established on the webpage of ALDATEXTEIS, LDA shall be construed in euros, fees and taxes included.
2.     Presented prices take into account the VAT applicable at the date of the invoice.
3.     Applicable VAT rate will be that in force in the Member State of the place of delivery, according to the orders that were made.
4.     Prices and specifications are subject to changes, without prior notice.
5.     ALDATEXTEIS, LDA accepts no responsibility on potential errors published on the webpage.
6.     On handling your order, all and every error of the prices that might be on the site, due to technical anomalies, will be detected.
7.     The user/client will be contacted in order to accept or decline the order, in cases where the real price of the ordered product is higher than what is shown on the page.
8.     If the real price of the ordered product is lower than what is shown on the page, the difference between the real price and the paid price is reimbursed.
9.     The user can use the following payment methods:
a) Bank transfer ALDATEXTEIS, LDA, Santander Bank IBAN PT50001800003760794700147;
b) PayPal.
10. If the method of payment is the one described in section c) price and shipping costs will only be charged at the end of the order.

1.     Product risks are borne by the user/client from the moment of its delivery.

1.     According to the applicable standards in articles 10 to 17 of Decree-Law no. 24/2014 of February 14, the user/client may withdraw the contract, without indication of motif, within 14 days after the delivery date, only the ordered items will be refunded.
2.     Shipping and return costs shall be borne by the client.
3.     The client may exercise his/her right to withdraw in any way approved by law and this will be considered in any way valid upon sending the withdrawal information.
4.     This provision will not affect the other rights recognized to the consumer by the legislation in effect.
5.     Product(s) return costs are of the responsibility of the user/client and the case of cash on delivery gives ALDATEXTEIS, LDA the possibility to charge the expenses that might incur.
6.     The right of the user/client to withdraw the Contract in compliance with no. 1 of this article applies exclusively to products that may be returned in the same conditions on which the user/client has received them, namely on the original package and with all documents.
7.     After return, the product will be examined by ALDATEXTEIS, LDA that will verify its conditions.
8.     If the product was used beyond the opening of the package or is damaged, there will be no refund.
9.     Return shall be made as soon as possible.
10. Damages or loss of the product(s) during return are of the exclusive responsibility of the user/client.
11. Return address:
Rua Ângelo Frondoni, nº. 388
4830-520 Póvoa de Lanhoso, Portugal

1.     In cases where it is considered that, at the moment of delivery, the product is not in accordance with the provisions of the contract, the user/client must contact ALDATEXTEIS, LDA immediately.
2.     ALDATEXTEIS, LDA will collect the product in non-conformity with the provisions of the contract.
3.     The product collected under the terms of this clause will be examined by ALDATEXTEIS, LDA. that will communicate its replacement within a reasonable period of time by email upon confirmation of that non-conformity.
4.     The replacement of the returned product under the terms of this article is subject to its availability.
5.     In a case of impossibility of replacement, the amount paid by the returned products based on their non-conformity will be totally reimbursed to the client, including shipping costs borne to the product delivery
6.     All rights recognized by the law in effect shall be safeguarded.

Products purchased on the site cannot be exchanged.

1.     For all stages of access to the site, as well as for all order processes, delivery and further services, the company ALDATEXTEIS, LDA. only has an obligation of means.
2.     ALDATEXTEIS, LDA. does not guarantee and is not responsible for inconveniences or damages inherent to the use of the internet, service rupture, external interference or the presence of a computer virus, or any other case of force majeure.
3.     Articles sold are described and presented on the site with the maximum precision that is possible.
4.     ALDATEXTEIS, LDA. will not be responsible if, despite all precautions, there are errors on the site
5.     The legal rights of the client for contract withdrawal will not be affected by what is defined in this clause.

1.     Pursuant to the Portuguese law, regarding the protection of personal details, the information or data provided by the user, will be treated in compliance with the established in Privacy Policy
2.     By using the site, the user/client allows the handling of the information and data referred in the previous number and declares that all the information and data indicated are true and represent reality.
3.     Personal details are for the use of the company ALDATEXTEIS, LDA. for information, disclosure and order shipping purposes.
4.     The holder has the right to access, correct, change or eliminate his/her personal details and this can be made by sending an email to with his/her name, surname, address and email.
5.     Apart from the fact that the data collection and handling by ALDATEXTEIS, LDA. are made in a secure way preventing its loss or manipulation using improved techniques for this purpose, we inform that the collection in open networks allows the circulation of personal data with no security, increasing the risk of being viewed or used by non-authorized third parties.

ALDATEXTEIS, LDA. is not responsible for any damages or losses resulting from a denial of service attack, virus or any other program or technological harmful or damaging material that may affect the user/client’s computer, IT and electronic equipment, data or materials as a consequence of the use of the site or the download of its content or contents for which it tis redirected.

1.     All elements on the site, either visual or sound, including the underlying technology are protected by trademark, patents and copyrights.
2.     Any user who has a personal site on the internet and wishes to post a link for that site’s homepage on the site for personal use is obliged to request authorization by the company ALDATEXTEIS, LDA.
3.     Authorization referred in the previous number is only valid if provided in writing.
4.     Any link or hypertext directed to the site using framing or in-line linking is formally forbidden.
5.     In every case, the use of any link, including those described in numbers 3 and 4 of this clause, even tacitly authorized, shall be removed upon a simple request from the company ALDATEXTEIS, LDA.

1.     Current general sales conditions form the entire agreement between the referred parties.
2.     If any of the clauses of these conditions becomes null and void as a consequence of a legislative or regulatory amendment or by sentence, it should be deemed unwritten.

1.     The present conditions may change at any moment.
2.     The user/client is subject to the policy and conditions in effect at the moment he/she is using the site or formalizes his/her order, except when changes with retroactive effect are made to that policies, conditions or privacy statement, by law or decision of governmental organisms;
3.     As defined in the previous number, those changes will also affect the orders that the user/client has formalized under the conditions that were changed.

1.     Present conditions are applied during the period of the services provided by the company ALDATEXTEIS, LDA.
2.     All articles that are exclusive of the site are valid until the limit of the available stock.

1.     The applicable law to the sales conditions is the Portuguese law.
2.     In the absence of an agreement between the parties, any dispute emerging from the current General Sales Conditions will be submitted to the competent Portuguese Court.